X-ONE Extreme Shock Eliminator 4th gen. – for iPhone 15 Pro Max


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The X-One Extreme Shock Eliminator tempered glass is distinguished by a 4th generation oleophobic coating, which protects against fingerprints or smudges even more effectively. The glass hardness of 7H translates into its durability, minimizing scratches. It also guarantees shock resistance and easy cleaning.

The proposal from X-One is a product for those who appreciate a clean display, free of any unsightly dirt. LotusFX™ unique oleophobic coating 4th generation means that neither fingerprints nor smudges remain on the screen. In addition, it is very easy to clean. 

The ultra-thin, transparent tempered glass is distinguished by a 7H hardness, which reduces the risk of scratches on the screen, and the durable anti-shock formula additionally strengthens the entire surface. The application should not be a problem even for an inexperienced user, and, what is important, glass is case-friendly.

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