Wozinsky Ring Armor Tough Hybrid Case Cover + Magnetic Mount for Samsung Galaxy S22 + (S22 Plus) Black – 9145576239773


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Wozinsky Ring Armor armored phone case with stand function and Ring holder

The Wozinsky Ring Armor series case is a very durable case that is able to protect your phone from serious damage when it falls out of your hand on a hard floor. When buying a new phone, it is worth getting a decent case right away, especially when you decided to buy a device from the highest price range. One careless move is enough for the phone to fall to the ground. The smartphone on which the case was worn, and especially the Wozinsky Ring Armor, has a much better chance of getting out of such an accident unscathed.

The most important features

  • Durable cover with rigid PC backs and flexible TPU frame
  • Ring holder
  • Stand function
  • Raised bezels to protect the screen and rear camera
  • Can be used with a magnetic holder

Double construction

The cover consists of two interconnected parts. The back panel made of PC material is stiff and is responsible for the stability of the entire cover. A flexible TPU frame covers the sides of the phone, absorbs impact energy and protects the screen and camera by sticking out over the edge of the device.

Built -in ring handle

The back of the case has a built-in extremely practical holder, Ring, which can be put on the finger to hold the phone more securely in your hand. It also allows you to attach the phone to a magnetic car holder

Internal protection

A special pattern inside the accessory improves heat dissipation and helps to optimally distribute the impact force.

Durable and durable

High-quality materials guarantee high durability of the case and perfect protection of the smartphone.

Elevated wounds

The slightly raised edges of the accessory additionally ensure the safety of the screen and camera lens.

Precise cutout

They guarantee easy access to all necessary ports.

Protection against dirt

Integrated buttons block any dirt from under the cover.

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