Woven Mag Cover for IPHONE 15 green


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Woven Mag Cover is a minimalist fabric case dedicated to iPhone users who want to take full advantage of MagSafe wireless charging. Design similar to the original Apple cases.

MagSafe – convenience and safety
MagSafe technology, which is equipped with iPhone 12 series and newer, allows you to charge your smartphone while using it simultaneously quickly. However, most cases do not support this technology, which means that to use the car or desk holder, it is necessary to remove the case from the smartphone each time. The Woven Mag Cover is fully compatible with MagSafe technology – it allows you to conveniently place and charge your smartphone in a holder or powerbank without cables.

Protection and design at the highest level
The case protects the smartphone against damage resulting from everyday use. It minimizes the risk of scratches, and the raised edges around the camera island additionally protect the lenses. The cover has an internal lining for even better protection of the delicate smartphone casing. Moreover, the pleasant-to-touch fabric from which Woven Mag Cover is made looks minimalist and attracts attention with its elegant colors.

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