VARIETE Case for SAMSUNG A54 5G pistachio


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The Variete case is an elegant cover distinguished by raised wounds around the screen and a built-in camera island with protective glass for lenses. The sides of the case are made of TPU (thanks to single casting, its color doesn’t wear down). The shade palette includes several colors that are fashionable in 2024.

Variete is a product with a matte design in uniform colors. Made of good quality plastic, it reduces the risk of damage or scratches during everyday use. Moreover, the expressive frame around the screen retains its color for a long time thanks to dyeing in one mass.

The case also guarantees the protection of the camera island. The most sensitive part of the phone is preserved not only by the raised edge but also by precise cutouts and lens glass (they can be removed once if necessary).

Material: TPU (side edges, single casting), plastic (back), plastic (camera island frame and buttons – painted with oil paint)

Available colors: apricot crush, pistachio, dark green, black, steel, navy blue, purple

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