Travel charger UNIVERSAL 2A with USB type C socket – BLUE STAR


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The pulse charger is made from the highest quality of electronics components and is fully compliant with the CE and LVD standards.

It has a special protection system against overheating and surges.

Model ID: TFK-TC-1100B
Input voltage: 110-240V~
Alternating current input frequency: 50-60Hz, 0.5A
Output voltage: 5.0V
Output current: 2.0A
Output power: 10W
Average efficiency at work: > 78.7%
Efficiency at low load (10%): > 68.7%
Energy consumption without load: < 0.1W Input: USB C Cable lenght: 1.13m Box size:
A: 8 cm
B: 10 cm
C: 3 cm

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