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Holster with SMART VIEW technology and device wake up / sleep function. Dedicated to Android phones. It has a special window on which the date and time are displayed. Closed with a magnet.

The case is equipped with a thin panel that allows you to display the date and time after closing the flip. The set includes a card with a QR code, with which you can download the application necessary to run this function, and a unique code, thanks to which you can configure the case with your device.

The case provides excellent protection for the entire device, protecting it against damage, scratches and dirt, and provides easy access to all buttons and ports. In addition, the case has a special hole for the loudspeaker that allows you to talk freely after it’s closed.

The holster can also be used as a stand. This allows you to effortlessly watch movies and browse phone content. In addition, the housing has the function of switching on / automatic sleeping device. Opening the case wakes up the device, while closing the flip puts the smartphone to sleep, which significantly reduces battery consumption; all of this thanks to the special magnets placed in the housing.

How to turn on the date and time display function – step by step:

  1. Scan the QR code visible on the sticker inside the package
  2. Go to the shared link
  3. Download and install the Smart View application
  4. Run the application by entering the individual serial number from the sticker inside the package
  5. Enjoy Smart View technology on your phone!
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