Roar Matte Glass Case – for iPhone 14 steel


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The Roar Matte Glass case is comprehensive phone protection, made of high-quality materials in an aesthetic combination. It has reinforced rims and fully adapts to the device. A surface of the matte anti-glare glass, covered with an oleophobic coating, protects the phone against shocks, scratches, and fingerprints.

Keep your smartphone utterly safe with the unique Roar Matte Glass. The product consists of three layers: the durable case made of flexible TPU is covered by a special anti-shock coating, and completed with a matte anti-glare glass that has oleophobic properties.

In addition to high-quality materials, the case also has reinforced rims to cover the vulnerable areas of the device, as well as a soft frame with coated buttons, which guarantees permanent protection against the undesirable effects of shocks, damage, or drops from a height.

The Roar Matte Glass case is not only comfortable to use but also very stylish. The matte glass surface perfectly reflects the light. Moreover, no fingerprints, scratches, dirt, or dust particles that could disturb the case's aesthetics will remain on it.

Material: TPU

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