Roar Acrylic Pop Tok – Purple/Red


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The Roar Acrylic Pop Tok phone holder presents a modern approach to comfort and functionality when using a smartphone.

The Roar Acrylic Pop Tok holder works perfectly with iPhone devices thanks to MagSafe compatibility. It makes it easier to hold the phone in your hand, increasing the touch range, which translates into better comfort during use.

Roar Acrylic Pop Tok is a universal solution for those who do not use MagSafe technology. The set includes a plate with a ring that can be glued directly to the back of the phone or under/on top of the cover.

Assembly based on a very strong magnet is a guarantee of stability and, at the same time, comfort, because the holder can be removed in the blink of an eye, e.g. for inductive charging or storing the smartphone in a pocket.

The handle has been designed in several modern patterns, so you can adjust it to your style and preferences. Moreover, when unfolded, it can also be used as a TV stand, which makes it easier to watch movies or browse photos.

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