Protektor LCD Bestsuit Full Body dla SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 4 – 5903396170737


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The ultra-thin Bestsuit Full Body is designed for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. It protects the entire phone screen (including edges) against scratches, bumps, UV light, and water. When applied, it is invisible, providing clear quality of the displayed image. A special application set facilitates the precise assembly of the foil.

The LCD protector is a foil that permanently protects the phone’s screen, including its edges. After applying, this ultra-thin, transparent layer is practically invisible, so you can be sure that the quality of the displayed image will not be distorted while watching movies, playing games, or browsing websites.

The Bestsuit Full Body is appropriately adapted to the characteristic design of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The protector’s surface is made of durable, flexible TPU, which is resistant to scratches, impacts, and UV lights, and has hydrophobic properties. It all translates into a high-quality product.

A specially prepared set with instructions facilitates a precise assembly, including appropriate positioning, thanks to which there will not be unsightly bubbles, and the foil will stick well to the screen.

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