NOBLE Case for SAMSUNG A35 5G black


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Protective back case made of several materials: polyurethane, polycarbonate and TPU. The use of their properties makes the case stand out with its original design, while protecting the smartphone against damage. It works with magnetic car holders.

The outer part of the back is covered with two types of matt polyurethane (PU). Such a finish ensures a secure grip and reduces the effect of reflected fingers. Both types of finish are separated by an elegant horizontal stripe.

The inside of the case is filled with an interesting honeycomb pattern. It is made of hard PC material (polycarbonate), which provides effective protection of the smartphone.

The sides are made of soft TPU material (thermoplastic polyurethane). Its properties are similar to elastic rubber, which makes placing the phone in the case comfortable, and the case perfectly fits the shape of the device. The caseworks with magnetic car holders.

The cover has the necessary cutouts for the ports and embossing for buttons that facilitate easy work with the smartphone.

Available in several colors.

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