Moto / scooter holder waterproof with zip and hood 6,4″ – 8″


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Motorbike holder with baffle. Fastened with a zipper. It ensures the safety of using the smartphone while riding a motorcycle or scooter. Mounted to the motorcycle frame. The product is compatible with 6.4-8.0″ mobile devices.

Waterproof – allows you to use your smartphone in difficult conditions, protecting the device from moisture and flooding.

Fastened with a zipper facilitates quick installation of the device in the holder.

Damage resistant material reduces the risk of damage and scratches.

Equipped with a baffle to protect against the sun for good visibility of the smartphone screen.

Available in three sizes: 4.8-5.5″, 5.5-6.3″, 6.4-8.0″.

Material: aluminum + iron + rubber + ABS + PVC + EVA
Compatibility: with 6.4-8.0″ mobile devices

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