Mechanical gaming keyboard Motospeed CK99 RGB (black&grey) (5907489608893)



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Motospeed CK99 RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Motospeed CK99 RGB gaming keyboard will provide you with an excellent gaming experience. It provides a quick response of the keys and the RGB backlighting gives the device a modern character. Gain an advantage over your opponents right from the start!

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Designed specifically for gamers

The Motospeed CK99 keyboard is equipped with top-of-the-line mechanical switches that provide you with the best gaming experience. It also guarantees the best response time and exceptional durability. The device has a Flash chip, so it can store far more settings than keyboards equipped with EEPROM memory. The anti-ghosting technology makes sure that every key press is registered in the right way.

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RGB backlighting

Keyboard CK99, in addition to an interesting backlighting of the keys, is distinguished by additionally lit from the bottom. It gives the device a unique character and enables its comfortable use also at night. The backlighting is fully configurable. You can choose the dynamically changing lighting mode.

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Functional keys

The device has been equipped with function keys, which further facilitate its use. It gives you control over the media you are playing. It’s your new way to get the most out of your computer-whether you’re gaming, working, or just surfing the web.

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– Keyboard
– User Manual


Manufacturer Motospeed
Model CK99
Type Mechanical
Number of keys 104
Color Black-grey
Illumination RGB
Connection Wired
Operating voltage DC 5V
Key life 50 million key presses
Operating current 500mA
Interface USB
Compatibility Windows XP/7/8/10
Dimensions 468x172x35mm
Weight 1323g
Material ABS, aluminum alloy
Other anti-ghosting function, 12 backlighting modes, customizable backlighting modes, 8 backlight colors, 12 function keys, WIN lock, N-key rollover
Switch type Outemu Blue
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