Led RING lamp 10inch with holder for mobile


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LED lamp with a phone holder. It is an essential element of every streamer’s stand.

The ring light is used not only in the gaming world, but also in other areas of streaming. The accessory has a telephone holder attachment that allows the smartphone to be placed in the center of the circle lamp.

Compactness, the ability to change the color of light and ideal lighting conditions will be appreciated by the content creators of platforms such as Tik Tok or Instagram. The LED lamp with a phone holder is also a perfect accessory for video meetings and online learning.


Lamp diameter: 26 cm

Tripod height: 9 cm

Material: carbon steel + ABS plastic

Light: warm / cool / white light

Light gear: 9

Color temperature: 3000–6500 K

LED bulbs: 120

Power: 8–10W

Voltage: 5V/2A

Lumen rate: 600–1300 lm

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