LCD Screen APP IPHO 11 Pro with digitizer black HQ hard OLED GX!!


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The best substitute available on the market for an original display with the OLED technology. Ready to install—no soldering or software required. All components included.

OLED GX displays, as the highest-quality replacements available on the market, provide excellent image quality and color reproduction (without bad pixels). A frame, almost the same as the original display, perfectly fits a dedicated iPhone model. A mesh provides good coverage of the speaker and precise touch allows using the smartphone without any glitch.

The displays are double protected. A foil on the front buffers against scratching, and individual packaging in bubble wrap additionally preserves the product during shipment.

The complete assembly kit set is included:

  1. display panel
  2. touch panel (digitizer)
  3. protective tempered glass with oleophobic coating
  4. LCD tapes on the mainboard
  5. digitizer tape on the mainboard
  6. factory fitted frame
  7. speaker mesh
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