HOCO Magnetic airbag anti-fall case compatible with MagSafe do IPHONE 15 PRO transparent



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Protective case from the Hoco Magnetic Airbag series designed for iPhone. Made of a composite plate and TPU, it contains high-quality Bayer raw material that prevents yellowing. It is 2 mm thick, compatible with MagSafe charging and has special airbags in the corners to protect against falls.

The case supports charging and MagSafe accessories. Thanks to strong magnets, it ensures connection stability during charging. Additionally, special airbags placed in the four corners of the case effectively protect the phone against falls. Extended edges in the corners and camera island additionally prevent fraying of the case, which increases its durability.

The material of the case is a combination of a composite plate and TPU. The use of raw material from Bayer guarantees that the casing will not yellow, maintaining its aesthetic appearance for a long time. Thanks to the thickness of only 2 mm, the case does not add unnecessary weight and thickness to the phone, while providing it with adequate protection.

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