HOCO Light series TPU case for IPHONE 15 transparent



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Ultra-thin Hoco protective case made of transparent TPU material. It is characterized by durability, scratch resistance and comprehensive protection of the camera and buttons.

The material of the case is highly transparent TPU. Thanks to this, the smartphone retains its original appearance while being protected against everyday damage. The minimalist design is ensured by the thin case thickness of only 0.8 mm. This allows you to maintain the slim profile of the device without adding unnecessary bulk.

One of the most important aspects of a case is protection of the camera. The raised edges of the camera openings protect the camera from scratches and other damage, ensuring that your photos will always be of high quality. Additionally, the case offers protection for the buttons, ensuring their full functionality.

What’s more, the case has a special internal optical pattern that gives the impression that we are holding the phone without the case. This is an ideal solution for those who value the natural appearance of their device.

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