Forcell Flexible Nano Glass 5D for Samsung Galaxy S10+ black (Hot Bending) working fingerprint scanner


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Unbreakable Forcell Flexible 5D glass that covers the entire screen along with the edges. It has an antibacterial Biomaster coating that effectively removes microorganisms. Quick and easy installation thanks to the included adapters.

Flexible hybrid construction = even more durability!

When falling, the glass absorbs all energy and does not break, protecting both the display and your hands. It is because of unique hybrid structure: the combination of tempered glass and PET film makes the glass both hard and flexible – they can be bent up to 180 degrees!

Antibacterial coating protects against microbes

Biomaster is an antimicrobial substance that provides effective and long-lasting protection against harmful bacteria and microbes. The antibacterial coating releases silver ions which, by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, provide effective protection against most microorganisms. The certificate confirming antibacterial coating can be downloaded from the product card.

Full protection: screen + edges

Forcell Flexible 5D glass has been designed to protect both the screen and its edges. Combining it with a full gluing surface that makes the glass adhere perfectly to the entire surface, we get a product that fully protects the display of your smartphone.

Perfect cooperation with the phone

Thanks to high transparency means the image quality does not change after installation. The thin structure (only 0.3 mm!) does not thicken the phone. The oleophobic coating reduces the fingerprints, which not only look unsightly, but also make it difficult to work with the smartphone.

Glass matched to your smartphone model

Each glass has an individual structure adapted to the selected smartphone model. Precise cutouts provide easy access to the loudspeaker, microphone or buttons, depending on the design of the phone. In the case of models with a fingerprint reader, the glass works perfectly, ensuring smooth operation.

Flexible construction + adapters = easy installation

The installation of Forcell Flexible 5D glass is extremely simple – it can be successfully handled by an average user. The admixture of PET film makes the glass bend easily and can be adjusted to the screen surface. The positioning adapters included in the set make the glass adjust itself to the smartphone, you only need to press it lightly. We encourage you to watch the video in which we present in detail how to assemble glass.

PZH certificate = safety product for health and the environment

Forcell Flexible glasses have a hygienic certificate from the Polish National Institute of Hygiene (PZH). This means that you can be sure that the product you are using is completely safe not only for your health but also for the environment. The certificate is available for download on the product card.


Material: 9H tempered glass + PET film
Screen coverage: covers the entire screen and the curvature of the display (edge-to edge protection)
Adhesive: All over the surface
Thickness: 0.30 mm
Appearance: black frame
Oleophobic coating: yes
Certificates: Biomaster, PZH

In the set:

– hybrid glass
– wet cloth
– a dry cloth
– anti-dust stickers
– spatula smoothing the surface of the glass
– cloth with a Nano Coating layer
– adapter for easy glass installation

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