FORCELL F-DESIGN FX5 strap for Xiaomi 8 black


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The Forcell F-Design strap was created for Xiaomi Mi Band 8. Made of high-quality polyester fiber, it is durable and flexible and ensures the comfort of wearing all day long. The modern design and availability in several colors make it fit perfectly with various styles.

High-quality polyester fiber
The elastic polyester fiber was used to produce the strap, which makes everyday use completely comfortable. The material are woven seamlessly, which translates into durability. You can adjust the strap length to the wrist size with a steel buckle.

Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Band 8
The Forcell F-Design belt is distinguished by its colorful, modern design. It is suitable for any wardrobe, from sports to elegant, so every user of a modern smartband will be able to complement their styling with an eye-catching accessory.

Model: FX5
Material: silicone
Compatibility: Xiaomi Mi Band 8
Colors: blue-white, black, dark navy, colors mix, seven colors, green

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