DUX DUCIS Samo – Soft TPU Protective Case for Apple Watch Ultra 49mm silver


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The Dux Ducis Samo glass case is an elegant and functional accessory for your Apple Watch. It is an additional decoration of the watch, especially suitable for official outings and business meetings.

The elegant design of the Dux Ducis Samo glass case makes it a great addition to your Apple Watch. The steel finish and simple form give it a luxurious character, ideally suited to official and business meetings.

Easy assembly is one of the key advantages of this case. Just slip it on the watch case, without having to visit a specialist or incur additional costs. A simple and quick assembly method makes the case practical in everyday use.

The solid protection of the watch is ensured by the polyurethane case. This material is light, flexible and very resistant to damage, thanks to which it protects the watch in all conditions.

The galvanized surface of the case adds elegance to it, reminiscent of a stainless steel or gold finish. The galvanization process also increases the degree of protection against damage, making the case even more practical to use.

Model: Dux Ducis Self
Material: TPU
Compatibility: Apple Watch

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