DUX DUCIS Domo – Trifold Case with pencil storage for Samsung Tab S9 black


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The elegant Dux Ducis Domo tablet case provides not only style, but also comprehensive protection. It has a stand function, an automatic wake-up system and is convenient to use thanks to precise cutouts. Black color gives it universal elegance.

The stylish design of the case makes it suitable for any situation, whether it's a formal business meeting or a simple social gathering. Gently raised edges further protect the screen and camera lens, providing full protection for your device.

The closed design of the cover guarantees that the tablet is perfectly protected from all sides. The case can be easily folded, transforming it into a comfortable stand, ideal for watching movies or viewing photos.

Intelligent auto-waking system “enliven” the device, when we lift the flap, and “sleep” it when we close the cover. It is not only convenient, but also energy saving.

The case has precise cutouts that guarantee easy access to all necessary ports and buttons, so you can freely use the device without sacrificing protection.

Model: Dux Ducis Domo
Material: PU + PC 
Additional features: stand function, automatic wake up

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