DUX DUCIS Clin Mag – Clear Case compatible with MagSafe for iPhone 15 Plus


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The Dux Ducis Clin Mag Transparent Case is the perfect combination of protection and comfort. Thanks to built-in neodymium magnets, the case not only stays in place during wireless charging, but also supports MagSafe technology, allowing you to quickly and conveniently power your phone without removing the case.

By supporting MagSafe technology, the Dux Ducis Clin Mag case simplifies the charging process. Built-in neodymium magnets keep your phone on the wireless charger, even when you move it around, and MagSafe compatibility lets you charge quickly and efficiently without removing the case.

Protection is a priority for the Dux Ducis Clin Mag case. Durable and well-made, it has a higher profile than the screen and lenses, protecting these sensitive elements of the phone from damage and scratches. Additional reinforcements on the corners additionally protect the device against the effects of falls.

The combination of TPU and PC is a guarantee of durability and aesthetics. The case maintains its crystalline transparency for a long time, and these materials are resistant to yellowing, which allows the case to always look like new. The transparent design allows you to emphasize the original appearance of the phone.

Model: Dux Ducis Clin Mag
Material: TPU + PC
Color: transparent
Compatibility with: MagSafe


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