CRYSTAL DIAMOND pendant for the phone / cord length 74cm (37cm in the loop) / on neck – lite pink – 5903396157530


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Bead phone pendant. Thanks to the long cord that you hang around your neck, you do not have to put aside your favorite device. Choose from many colors of beads to match with other accessories.

The CRYSTAL DIAMOND pendant is a perfect addition to everyday activities. Made of shiny plastic beads, the string measures 74 cm (37 cm in a loop) and is durable enough to be used for a long time. In addition, this length let you freely wear the pendant around your neck, giving you easy access to the phone or other device that you want to have close at hand.

The pendant enables secure fixing to a smartphone with a cover. All you have to do is insert the attached card between the device and the case so that the hook sticks out from the charging connector. Mounted in this way, it will keep the phone firmly on the string, so you do not have to worry about sudden slipping or accidental unfastening.

Material: plastic beads
Cord length: 74 cm
Cord length in the loop: 37 cm
Hook for attaching to the phone

The pendants are available in four colors: light pink, purple, white, and black.

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