CARD Case for XIAOMI Redmi NOTE 12 5G pink


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Card silicone case with a place for a credit card gives you easy access to a credit card and ID that you actually use.

Your phone and credit cards are always to hand
The vast majority of phone cases available on the market do not offer the possibility of storing cards or documents. On the other hand, a wallet case is a solution that not everyone likes. Card is a case, thanks to which you can always have your phone and card to hand.

Daily protection
Card Case protects the back, edges, and back of the phone against scratches and damage. No more scratches even you place keys and phone the same pocket. No more accidental dropping of the smartphone from your hand – this is possible thanks to the non-slip coating. Card also offers protection against fingerprints.

100% fit
The case is made of flexible silicone. Such material guarantees that the case provides perfect matches to the device. In addition, all cutouts and buttons are perfectly integrated into the phone model.

Inductive charging works through the Card case. You don’t need to remove the case to wirelessly charge your phone (however, we recommend that you remove the card from its case before charging).

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