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The Carbon Premium case gives the best protection for your phone every day. Protects your device from drops, scratches and dust. Covered with a shiny carbon fiber texture, it gives an elegant look.

Full protection
Every smartphone needs a solid case that will protect your equipment from damage in case of unexpected falls. The reinforced corners absorb the impact force, and the protruding edges are an additional protection for the screen and camera. Non-slip silicone ensures that the phone does not fall out of your hand.

Comfort of use
You can easily keep the case clean. Integrated buttons prevent dust, dirt from getting into your phone. The cover has cutouts for the phone function buttons which allows free use of the device.

Inductive charging without obstacles
With the Carbon Premium case, you can charge your smartphone without removing the case.

Modern look
The Carbon Premium case is dedidactes for everyone who value elegance and timeless design. The design carbon motif used on the Carbon Premium case makes your phone look even more attractive.

Material: TPU

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