BASEUS solar car wireless MP3 player / transmiter FM / Bluetooth 5.0 700mAh / TF / USB / AUX black CDMP000001



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Multifunctional FM transmitter by Baseus. Enables connectivity via TF cards, USB, AUX, Bluetooth. It has the functions of a player and a speakerphone. Equipped with a built-in battery charged by a solar panel.

Use the hands-free mode and play your favorite music through the car radio. The transmitter is compatible with various audio inputs such as memory cards, USB drives, AUX, and thanks to the Bluetooth function, you can connect to it wirelessly.

The transmitter is powered by solar energy, which means we don’t need to connect it to electricity. The built-in 750 mAh battery is charged by the solar panel. This eliminates the clutter of tangled cables. It also has the ability to charge the battery via the included USB-C cable.

The panel is used to control the volume, FM frequency and answer and hang up calls. It is equipped with an LCD display. Easy and hassle-free assembly is another big advantage. All you need to do is mount the base on the windshield and bring the device closer to it – the magnet will automatically grab the transmitter.

Battery: 750 mAh
Charging: solar panel / USB-C cable (5V-750mA Max.)
Cable charging time: approx. 75 min.
Connectivity: TF cards (up to 32 GB), USB (up to 32 GB), AUX, Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency range: 87.5 MHz ~ 99.9 MHz
Size: 93 x 22 x 33 mm
Weight: 76.7 g
Cable: USB-C
Compatibility: Universal
Manufacturer’s code: CDMP000001

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