BASEUS rainproof film for car rear view mirror 2pcs SGFY-C02



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A set of two universal foils for car side mirrors. It is the perfect solution to the problem of low visibility in rainy or foggy weather.

A set of two universal BASEUS SGFY-C02 side mirror foils reduces the strength of the reflected light thanks to the anti-glare layer. They can be used in almost any car or motorbike.

The light transmittance of 99% means that the foil does not affect the image quality, which allows for safe driving in the rain. The high-quality PET material from which it is made prevents scratches and dust collection.

The foil has many functional layers that together create an excellent protective system. It protects against the accumulation of dew on mirrors, misting and fogging. Additionally, it protects the mirrors against scratches.

Material: PET
Thickness: 0.15 mm

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