BASEUS car holder to round air vent Easy Control silver SUYK000212



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Baseus car holder for a round air vent. It provides a strong fit, stabilization and safety of the phone even on a very difficult road.

It features an improved clamp design on the round air vent that makes installation even more easier and makes the handle even more stable when attached. Compared to other handles, Easy Control does not use gravity to hold the device. Lock the phone with your hand – a strong clamp will keep the equipment in a stable position.

Thanks to this solution, you can use the handle both in a vertical and horizontal position with one hand. To release the phone, simply press the orange button on the back of the holder.

The transparent housing with metal arms provides a high-quality texture that matches the interior of cars. Abrasion-resistant silicone pads inside the clamping arms absorb pressure to protect your phone.

Mounting the handle on the air vent does not distract and does not obstruct the view. It has a cutout for a cable that allows you to connect the charger while driving. 360-degree adjustment allows you to set it in any position – depending on your convenience.

Material: PC + ABS
Type of fastening: clamping
Place of installation: round air vent
Compatibility: 4.7″- 6.7” mobile devices

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