5D Full Glue Ceramic Glass – for Samsung Galaxy A55 5G black



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Ceramic tempered glass with full bonding surface. The glass covers the entire screen and ensures perfect adhesion, leaving no space for dirt or dust to accumulate.

Glass covers the entire screen, including the curvature of the display. Glue on the entire surface makes it adhere perfectly to the screen leaving no air bubbles.

Oleophobic coating  ensures transparency of the screen and resistance to fingerprints and dirt.

High hardness factor prevents damage and makes the display scratch-resistant. Thanks to the low thickness, the glass is virtually imperceptible and does not thicken the phone.

Safe to install and use thanks to rounded edges.

Glue: On the entire surface
Screen coverage: covers the entire screen including the curvature of the display
Material: a hybrid of tempered glass and ceramics
Thickness: 0.3mm
Appearance: with black frame
Oleophobic coating: yes
Special properties: full bonding surface, perfect adhesion, easy to install

In set:
tempered glaaa
– wet cloth
– dry cloth

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