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Xiaomi Redmi 10C – 3mk Clear Case


Παράδοση 4 έως 10 ημέρες

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 5903108471152 Κατηγορία

Clear Case – Maximum protection, minimalist form.

Solid protection – Absorber125 – the phone is still like new after 26 drops from height to concrete.

Minimalist design – it exposes the original look of the phone.

Raised edges – additional protection of the camera against damage.

Design always in view

The design of the smartphone is important. For those who appreciate the attractive appearance of the Clear Case mobile phone, it will be a hit. The case is thin and perfectly transparent. Thanks to this, by protecting the phone with a case, you do not interfere with the original appearance of the smartphone. With Clear Case, your smartphone looks the way you like it – elegant and modern.

Enjoy longer

The force of gravity is merciless to smartphones. That's why it's not worth the risk. Clear Case has one task – to protect the phone so that you can use it freely in all conditions. Rocks, concrete or steel – nothing will threaten the cell protected by our case when it falls on a hard surface. We checked it with the Absorber125 test – after 26 falls from a height of 125cm, the smartphone was still like new. With Clear Case you simply use your phone longer. No risk and no stress!

Lens under special protection

Raised edges around the camera lens – a detail of great importance for the quality of photos. In Clear Case, we used special frames to protect the camera lens of the phone from scratches as much as possible. With our case, you can safely put your phone on a table or other hard surface, and the lens will remain perfectly smooth. Effect? High quality of photos even when you use the phone intensively every day. With Clear Case you can be sure that the lens on your smartphone is protected to the max!

High comfort of use

We focused on maximum ease of use. That's why the Clear Case is very flexible and precisely made. We used the EasyClick Buttons technology, thanks to which the buttons are as sensitive as without the case. You press and it works – simple but so necessary to be able to fully enjoy your new phone. Clear Case is strong protection in a friendly form!

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