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Wozinsky waterproof scooter cover scooter bag black (WSB5BK)



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Pokrowiec na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK - torba na hulanogę

Wozinsky Waterproof Scooter Bag – Scooter Bag with Long Straps – Black (WSB5BK)

The perfect gadget for a two-wheeler owner? A waterproof cover for the Wozinsky WSB5BK scooter made of durable material . It has comfortable handles for carrying the scooter , is resistant to dirt, rain and dust , has a universal shape. This scooter bag has two long straps that you can hang over your shoulder or hold in your hand . Thanks to its large size, it fits many scooter models – also the larger ones.

Specification :

  • Brand : Wozinsky
  • Model : WSB5BK
  • Material : 420D polyester fabric + polyurethane coating
  • Dimensions : 124 x 30 x 40 cm
  • Color : black

The most important advantages of the scooter cover – Wozinsky WSB5BK e-scooter bags:

  • You will transport the scooter in a convenient way . The bag has long straps that allow it to be hung over the shoulder
  • It will protect your scooter from rain, moisture and dirt . The cover is fully waterproof, made of durable material
  • It will tightly protect the bike from dust in the autumn and winter season . The perfect solution when you are not using the scooter for a long time
  • Fits many scooter models . The bag will fit smaller and larger scooters of the most popular brands
  • After folding, it takes up little space . The scooter cover is easy to transport
Pokrowiec na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK zaprezentowany przez modelkę

Scooter cover for easy transport

Do you commute to work with an electric scooter? Are you planning larger purchases and want to go to the market with a scooter? Choose a very practical accessory: the cover for the Wozinsky WSB5BK scooter with the function of a comfortable shoulder bag . The cover has long handles that make it easy to carry a two-wheeler . It is a practical and very functional solution. The handles will be useful in many situations : when you want to change from a scooter to a bus, metro or tram, carry it up the stairs or conveniently do shopping in a store.

Pokrowiec na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK z zapakowaną hulajnogą - front

Waterproof scooter cover

Are you planning a trip with your scooter, but you are not sure if the weather will be good? The Wozinsky WSB5BK cover will be a great solution. It was made of two waterproof materials (polyester and polyurethane) that protect against rain and moisture . Importantly, the cover of the cover also effectively protects against dirt or mud when transporting the scooter. The fabrics used are durable and strong.

Wodoodporny pokrowiec na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK z mocnego materiału

Scooter cover – perfect after the summer season

A scooter – electric or traditional – is primarily a summer means of transport. It is worth taking care of it after the season, to save yourself the trouble of cleaning and servicing in the next year. The cover for the Wozinsky scooter will be perfect for storing a two-wheeler at home, in a garage or in a basement during a long period of non-use . It will tightly protect your vehicle against dust and dirt. The sewn-in handles will help you to conveniently lift the scooter, to easily put it, for example, on a shelf or in a cabinet.

Pokrowiec na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK z mocnym zamkiem

A scooter bag that fits many models

The Wozinsky WSB5BK scooter bag has a universal shape and large dimensions : 124 x 30 x 40 cm. It fits many models of scooters from the most popular manufacturers , such as Xiaomi, Segway, Motus or Razor. Tightly closing the scooter in the bag takes literally a minute. The bag closes with a convenient zipper with two sliders – for even greater convenience.

Torba - pokrowiec na hulajnogę Xiaomi, Segway, Motus, Razor Wozinsky WSB5BK

Easy to transport cover for the scooter

Due to the fact that the cover is made of durable but soft polyester, you can easily fold it flat to a compact size. The Wozinsky WSB5BK scooter cover rolled in this way will fit in a backpack, bag or drawer . So you can have it with you whenever you need it.

Osłona - pokrowiec na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK do ochrony hulajnogi
Widoczne w ciemności logo odblaskowe torby na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK
Detale torby na hulajnogę - pokrowca na hulajnogę Wozinsky WSB5BK

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