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Deerma VC01 Max cordless upright vacuum cleaner

Thorough cleaning without much effort? With Deerma it’s possible! The improved VC01max vacuum cleaner allows you to vacuum efficiently and quickly. With an operating time of up to 45 minutes and suction power of up to 12,000 Pa, you can perfectly clean your entire home. The improved brushless motor provides unparalleled performance, and thanks to the product’s light weight and cordless design, you can easily use it wherever you want.The perfectly thought-out design and functionality of the vacuum cleaner have been recognized with a Red Dot Award. Note – change in the model, the current one is without mopping function.


Your indispensable ally in the fight against dirt

The vacuum cleaner’s new brushless motor delivers 60% more power compared to the previous model and 40% more suction power at 12,000Pa. Its straight air duct is also responsible for the unrivaled performance of the device. With all this, the VC01max deals with dust, crumbs, hair, hairs and other debris in no time. It even eliminates dirt hidden in carpets and crevices!


The brush you need

The floor under furniture can also be free of dust and stains. The brush on this appliance is designed so that you can conveniently clean every corner. It rotates 180° and can be bent 90°, so you can clean all kinds of surfaces under a closet, between chair legs or in the corners of a room.


Take care of every nook and cranny

The kit also includes an additional 2-in-1 crevice brush, with which you can vacuum, among other things, narrow places such as sofa recesses, or uneven surfaces such as your laptop keyboard. This, combined with the VC01max’s ability to be used as a small handheld vacuum and its cordless design, allows you to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny. There’s almost nothing to limit your freedom, so it’s easy to keep your upstairs, garage or car tidy.


Clean without unwanted interruptions

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a new and better battery with a capacity of 2500mAh. The intelligent BMS management system is responsible for its optimal performance. All this translates into up to 45 minutes of working time! The VC01max is charged via a USB-C port, so you can connect it to a power source almost anywhere. You can charge it with any charger, powerbank, or even your computer! You will need 4 hours for a full charge.


For the sake of your health

Breathe clean air in your home. VC01max’s 3-stage filtration allows you to eliminate pollutants incredibly efficiently. The foldable H11 filter effectively traps even the finest dust particles. A special steel mesh is also responsible for blocking them. The cyclonic filtration perfectly deals with hair and various types of debris. The waste goes into the detachable container, which is very quick and easy to empty. Both the container and the steel mesh filter can be washed under running water to extend their life and avoid frequent replacement. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also good for your wallet!


Vacuum without tiring

Find out that cleaning can be fun too! The VC01max provides you with unparalleled comfort. The main vacuum cleaner module weighs less than 1kg – lift it up easily to move it to another room or vacuum the ceiling. It’s also possible to conveniently store the vacuum cleaner upright, with the help of a special wall bracket. A great way to save space in your home!




Brand Deerma
Name Deerma VC01 Max cordless upright vacuum cleaner
Model VC01 max
Rated voltage DC 14.4V
Rated power 100W
Lithium battery capacity 2500mAh
Charging time Approx. 4h
Operation time ≥45 minutes (standard mode), ≥20 minutes (high power mode)
Dust tank capacity 0.6l
Suction power Up to 8kPa (standard mode), up to 12kPa (high power mode)
Noise level ≤78dB
Material ABS
Net weight 1.6kg
Dimensions 210x180x1208mm



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