Universal Magnetic Car Bracket Mount Phone Holder for Air Outlet silver (CH02)



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Universal Magnetic Car Bracket Mount Phone Holder for Air Outlet CH02:

  • Compact magnetic car holder for air outlet
  • Compact size – Mount is not blocking your field of view.
  • Durable and reliable – Made of high-quality aluminum material with silicone anti-skid panel.
  • Powerful magnetic grip5 sturdy magnet allows a firm grip on the phone throughout your trip.
  • Silicone covered, no phone scratches – Cushioned silicones fully cover the contact surface to prevent phone scratches.
  • One-hand operation – You can fix the mobile phone and use it with only one hand. Does not affect driving and your safety.
  • Extra metal plate – Besides phone cover, in the set, you can find metal plate.


  • Name: CH02
  • Material: Aluminum + silicone
  • Fixed position: Air outlet
  • Size: 7cm x 3.6cm x 1.15cm
  • Compatibility: Any phone with an attached metal plate or a suitable phone case
  • Package includes: Car mount, metal plate


Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Βάρος 100 g

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