Tempered Glass SAMSUNG GALAXY S24 HOFI Glass Pro+ 2-pack black – 5906203690350


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Tempered glass from Hofi is made of light and milled glass with a thickness of 0.3 mm, which does not affect the sensitivity of the touch. Its hardness level is rated 9H by the manufacturer on a ten-point scale. This makes it extremely scratch-resistant.

The glass is crystal clear and is additionally covered with an oleophobic coating, thus minimizing the number of fingerprints or other impurities.

Check how to install:

* The glass is compatible with most casings available on the market.
** Due to the various milling of the edges of the displays, after installing the protective foil / glass on the screen, a delicate air halo may form around the screen! It is a natural situation and depends on the milling of the screen itself in a given copy.

1) Begin installation in the bathroom right after bathing – the steam will absorb all the dust from the atmosphere and it will not interfere with the installation.
2) Thoroughly clean and degrease the screen surface, then use a dry cloth to polish it to a shine.
3) Install the coating as evenly as possible – you can position it with two sheets of tape, sticking them to the side of the device.
4) Get rid of air bubbles by firmly pressing the whole thing with circular movements for several dozen seconds. Do this so that the adhesive layer adheres to the screen as much as possible.

– 100% Original
– Packed in original packaging
– 9H hardness
– Cut to the flat part of the display
– 2.5D milled edges pleasant to the touch
– Additional oleophobic layer
– Perfect transparency
– Does not affect the functionality of the touch

1 x Hofi Glass Pro +
1 x Installation kit

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