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These headphones from Sudio are perfect for your music and podcast
needs. It connects wirelessly with bluetooth and has a built-in
microphone so it can be used for hands-free conversations. Put on the
headphones and fly into a world of musical wonders! * Completely
wireless design * They are wireless * A built-in microphone for your
phone calls * Simple and intuitive design * Waterproof * These
headphones have a proven design that you will probably recognize and
you will probably think that they are comfortable to wear. An
integrated microphone gives you a lot of freedom, as you can, for
example, do other things while you have a phone conversation. Since
these earphones are water-resistant, they can survive a little water,
and it can also withstand the fact that you sweat when you wear them
in the gym.

Technical characteristics

* Driver Type: Dynamic
* Driver size: φ10mm
* Button Types: Touch
* Microphones: Semi open wireless
* Impedance: 32Ω
* Sensitivity: 101dB
* Charging type: USB-C and induction
* Weight: 48g
* Up to 6 hours of autonomy
* 30 hours in total
* Full charge: 6.5h
* Headphones: 1.5h
* Case: 2h
* Bluetooth version; 5.2
* Range: 10m

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