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Ringke Dual Easy Wing 2x self dust removal screen protector Huawei P40 Pro (DWHW0003)



Κωδικός προϊόντος: 8809716071159 Κατηγορία

Ringke Dual Easy Film:

  • Easy to install full coverage screen protector
  • Super easy to install – Unique design makes the screen protector super easy to install. Perfectly adjusted without any dirt or air bubbles.
  • 4 layer design – With 2 protective films, screen protector and extra dust removing & alignment film that removes any possible specks of dust and debris on your screen and works as a guide to make sure everything matches up on the first try.
  • Full-screen coverage – Full protection of the screen and it’s rounded corners.
  • High transmittance – The clear transparent film ensures your smartphone viewing experience will not be deterred.
  • Comfortable and reliable – Cover does not interfere with touchscreen sensitivity, facial recognition, and photo quality.
  • Oleophobic coating – Special oleophobic coating provides great protection fingerprints, stains, and smudges.
  • Case friendly – Perfectly adjusted and sized to be case friendly and prevent side lifting.


  • Brand: Ringke
  • Name: Dual Easy Film
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Additional features: 4 layer design
  • Package includes: 2x screen protector, material cloth, alcohol wipe, squeegee, manual

Installation Guide:

  1. Remove Tab 1, which protects the extra dust removal function film. Make sure the screen is clean, and precisely align the screen protector onto your device.
  2. Press firmly to remove all dust and debris.
  3. Similarly to Step 2, remove Tab 2 and, simultaneously, gently slide the squeegee across the rest of the screen from top to
  4. bottom to firmly affix the screen protector to the phone screen.
  5. Press out any air bubbles using the provided Squeegee. (* Small air bubbles naturally disperse within 1-2 days.)
  6. Remove Tab 4, which protects the film, and use the included alcohol wipe to thoroughly clean the screen and give it a premium finish.

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Βάρος 100 g

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