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Nillkin Qin Cloth Pro Case Case For iPhone 14 Camera Protector Holster Cover Flip Case Gray


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Nillkin Qin Cloth Pro Case Flip Phone Case

The Nillkin Qin Cloth Pro Case has a very elegant, classic look. Cover with a flap prevents scratches and dirt on your phone, it is also an alternative to a classic wallet. It has a movable lens cover that protects both the camera and your privacy. Precise cutouts for the charging port, speakers or buttons enable trouble-free use.


  • Brand: Nillkin
  • Model: Qin Cloth Pro Case
  • Material: PC, fabric

Key Benefits of Nillkin Qin Cloth Pro Case:

  • Classic, elegant phone case . It will certainly attract attention, but it will adapt to any styling.
  • Additional compartments. Inside the flap there are pockets for documents, banknotes or payment cards. You don't have to remember to bring your wallet.
  • Protection against scratches and damage . The flip case has a high resistance to cracks, protects the device from all sides.
  • Camera shutter. The case has a built-in cap that protects your privacy and protects the lens from dust.
  • It is convenient to use . It has cutouts for the power port or speakers. The case does not need to be removed for wireless charging.
  • Pleasant to the touch . The finish additionally protects against accidental slipping of the phone from the hand.

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