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Nillkin FreePods FP01 TWS Blutooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case black


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Nillkin FreePods FP01 TWS wireless bluetooth earphones Black

Pairing headphones

The headphones, when removed from the docking station, will automatically go into Bluetooth device search mode.

Headphones, depending on whether they are used in pair or separately, first connects to each other automatically, and then to the target device.

Bluetooth 5.0 standard

The Bluetooth version ensures trouble-free and wireless operation with the latest devices equipped with a Bluetooth module.

It is worth adding that Bluetooth standards are backwards compatible, so it doesn’t matter which version of Bluetooth you have on your device. Headphones will also work with him.

Headphones charged in a case

The headphones case also functions as a compact power bank in which to charge them.

It has a capacity of about 400 mAh, which is enough to fully charge the headphones several times. You will never be surprised by unloaded headphones at the least appropriate moment of your journey.

Compact dimensions, user comfort

The small dimensions of the headphones and the case allow for convenient use and transfer. You can easily fit headphones in a case that is also a power bank in your small pocket, purse or kidney.

Take your music wherever you want.

Compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows

Headphones can be connected to any device equipped with a Bluetooth standard. Regardless of whether it will be a phone, tablet or computer with Android, iOS, Windows, you can easily connect them. Just remember about the process of pairing the headphones with the device properly.

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