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Nillkin CamShield Armor Pro Case for iPhone 14 Pro Armored cover stand ring black


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Nillkin CamShield Armor Pro armored case with a ring

Here one of the most durable smartphone cases . The model from Nillkin stands out armored degree of protection , as well as additional functions: lens protection cover and a multi-functional cover finger ring . Military-inspired look will tempt lovers of survival and the art of survival.


  • Brand: Nillkin
  • Model: CamShield Armor Pro
  • Material: TPU, PC

The most important advantages of the Nillkin CamShield Armor Pro ring case:

  • Two-piece design – the shockproof TPU case is reinforced with rigid polycarbonate (PC) elements.
  • Multifunctional built-in ring handle – in the "back" of the cover there is a practical handle-ring that can be put on a finger to hold the phone more securely in the hand. It also allows you to attach the phone to a lanyard or set the device in a vertical / horizontal position.
  • Durable and durable – high-quality materials guarantee resistance to damage.
  • Raised edges – slightly raised edges of the accessory ensure the safety of the screen.
  • Protection against contamination – integrated buttons block the path for dust or sand particles under the overlay.
  • Non-slip elements – which make the housing extremely secure in the hand. The textured surface is also on the buttons for a better feel.
  • Lens Shutter – protects the lens when you are not using it. To take a photo or record a video, just move the moving element
  • Precise cutouts – guarantee easy access to all necessary ports.

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