Memory Card Micro SDHC UHS-I U1 Class10 64GB Apacer R85


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Memory Card Micro SDHC UHS-I U1 Class10 64GB Apacer R85

Stunning performance Provides faster response speed and improves smoothness immediately to shorten waiting time when files are opened. Enhance Multitask High performance is still assured even when multiple Apps and Widgets are activated for multitasking Rich Entertainment Supports Full HD 1080p video recording and 3D video recording of mobile devices to record each happy moment. Premium Standard! Ultra High Speed SD 3.0 UHS-I The ultra high speed standard for the new generation SD 3.0 defined by the SD Association – UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) provides top-level performance. Ultra High 128 GB Capacity Available in a variety of different capacities, Apacer’s microSDXC/SDHC UHS-I U1 memory card expand the storage of smartphone and tablets

Capacity microSDXC/SDHC UHS-I U1 Class 10 (R85 MB/s)
Performance UHS Speed: Class 1 Speed Class: Class 10 Read Speed: Up to 85MB/s
Dimensions (L)15 x (W)11 x (H)1mm
Certificate CE, FCC, VCCI, RCM
Warranty Limited product lifetime

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