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Kingxbar Wild Series case for iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 cow


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 6959003511232 Κατηγορία

Iphone Case Kingxbar Wild Series

Would you like your mobile phone to look stylish and come in a unique design? You don’t need to choose. A stylish case by Kingxbar will help you stand out in the crowd and provide your iPhone with suitable protection. The case is made of a flexible but very durable PC which absorbs shocks in case of fall or pressure. You don’t have to worry that your mobile phone will suffer, even if you use it regularly. Animal-related patterns on the case will make your smartphone stylish and help you stand out.


  • Brand: Kingxbar
  • Type: iPhone case
  • Material: PC
  • Thickening around lenses: 1,5 mm
  • Thickening around edges: 1 mm

Content of the set:

 1 x iPhone case

Major features:

  • Effective protection against damage
  • Thicker edges for protection against scratching
  • Stylish look
  • Solid, fade-resistant material
  • Broad compatibility with various phone models
  • Possible to use with MagSafe chargers

Be stylish in any situation!

Animal prints never go out of fashion. They are timeless and should be used on accessories too. The smartphone in the case with a trendy inscription will help you stand out and make you stylish in any situation. This attractive item primarily leads to increased pleasure from using the mobile phone.

Effective protection

The design of the case guarantees protection of sensitive spots, that is smartphone pieces which are the most exposed to damage. It is all about camera lenses and its edges. These areas are most frequently scratched or cracked. Thanks to reinforced edges, your photos will not get less sharp, even if you put your mobile phone on a rough surface.

All phone functions are still available

The case does not lower functionality of the mobile phone. You can charge it through a cable or with the use of a modern inductive charger with MagSafe technology. You can also choose to equip your smartphone with dedicated gadgets. The use of the mobile phone is convenient – the case does not deprive it of any functions.

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Βάρος 100 g

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