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Joyroom car phone holder for cup holder black (JR-ZS259)


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Car phone holder for cup holder black, Joyroom (JR-ZS259)

Your car has a low windshield? It certainly looks amazing, but… choosing the optimal phone holder can be a problem, right? Especially for drivers like you, a smartphone holder was created, which is mounted in the place for the cup, i.e. where it will not obstruct visibility. Use it like you would with a traditional accessory: operate it with one hand, change its position as you like, and enjoy the pleasure of traveling .

• Brand: Joyroom
• Model: JR-ZS259
• Material: ABS + PC
• Mounting method: cup holder
• Compatible cup space dimensions: 77 x 77 x 207 mm
• Compatibility: smartphones from 4.7 to 6.7 inches
• Black colour

The most important advantages of the Joyroom JR-ZS259 car holder

• Use navigation, stay connected, also on longer routes. The phone holder mounted in the place for the cup is an optimal proposition for owners of vehicles with a lowered windshield, where there is no room for other solutions.
• You can conveniently use with one hand. One quick move is all it takes and your device is ready
• For every vehicle. No matter what vehicle you are driving. The holder is mounted universally for all air vents
• You gain safety and comfort while traveling. You do not have to reach for your smartphone lying in the distance, at the same time you constantly control the route. So you are safe and, in addition, you enjoy the comfort
• Without obstructing the cockpit. The handle is located outside the cockpit, so it does not obstruct airflow, displays or USB sockets. As a result, you can use all the car's functions uninterruptedly.

360 ° rotation
Do you prefer your navigation to be displayed vertically or horizontally? Or maybe your passenger is watching a movie? Depending on your needs , you can freely position the handle as you prefer . It is possible thanks to the head with 360 ° rotation.

Silicone pads

The chuck jaws are lined with soft silicone. Such a flexible pad provides a stable grip and at the same time protects the edges of the device from scratching .

Cushioning on bumpy tracks

Do you sometimes find yourself on less smooth roads? No problem? Thanks to the holder from Joyroom, your smartphone will always stay in the right position. The accessory will not slip off as it is securely anchored in the cup space.

Wide Compatibility

Smaller or really big smartphone? We have something for every user. The JR-ZS259 mount by Joroom is universal enough to grab any gear from 4.7 to 6.7 inches in size. Use the accessory freely.

Without obstructing visibility

You definitely want a clear field of view while driving your car. Due to the fact that the handle from Joyroom is attached in the place for the cup, it does not protrude above the line of your eyes . So you and your passengers are safe and nothing will surprise you.

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