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Joyroom cable USB Type C – Lightning PD 20W 1.2m red (S-1224N9)


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Cable, USB Type C cable – Lightning PD 20W 1.2 m red, Joyroom (S-1224N9)

Soft, pleasant to the touch, silky… cable? Yes it is possible! An accessory from Joyroom is not only the basic everyday equipment that supports your smartphone or wireless headphones. Thanks to pastel shades and a silicone cover It becomes an accessory pleasing to the eye and the sense of touch that will effectively express your mood and personality. Also appreciate the support for fast charging technology and the interior reinforced with super-powerful Kevlar.


  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Model: S-1224N9
  • Length 120 cm
  • Material: Aluminum + silicone
  • Amperage: USB-C to Lightning 2.4A
  • Functions: data transfer / power supply
  • Maximum current load: up to 20W
  • Fast charging standard: Power Delivery
  • Compatible with: USB-C and Lightning devices
  • Net weight: 29 g
  • Red colour

The most important advantages of the USB cable- Lightning Joyroom S-1224N9:

  • You will save time thanks to the 20W power delivery technology. Your devices will have a full battery in much less time.
  • Withstands intensive use . The cover is made of a flexible and bending-resistant material
  • Use the way you want. Using a cable, you can transfer data and power the battery without having to select just one option
  • You can charge any device with it, which has a USB Type C connector
  • You will admire its appearance and invoice. Pastel colors and a soft, silky finish make it one of a kind!

Silky texture and pastel colors
It's an accessory will become your most interesting decoration ! Choose one of the pastel colors and then be amazed by the silky structure of the cable.

Fast charging
The cable supports the Power Delivery 20W fast charging technology, thanks to which you no longer have to waste time waiting for your device's battery to be full.

Cable for special tasks
Although Kevlar is most often used in the production of bulletproof vests, its amazing properties are also used in cables from Joyroom. Effect? Exceptional resistance to damage , and thus, even longer service life . During the tests, they passed the 30,000 fold test.

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