HOCO cable Type C to Type C Power Delivery PD100W Moulder U106 1,2m black



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Type C fast charging cable designed for devices with type C input. It enables fast charging with power of up to 100W. It supports the Power Delivery protocol, and thanks to its high power it allows you to charge laptops.

Charge even large devices in no time! The cable is compatible with the PD protocol and is suitable for powering many different devices with a power requirement up to 100W, including laptops. Fast charging means you can fully charge your smartphone (or other device) battery in no time.

Safety first: the temperature of the cable connectors is kept at a constant level, so you do not have to worry about overheating and damaging the battery – even when you use the device while charging.

1.2 m long cable ensures comfortable use of the smartphone while charging.

Ultra-durable construction: the braided wire protects its delicate interior and surprises with its solidity – it is not afraid of bending or stretching it. Thus, it extends the service life of the accessory.

Length: 1.2 m
Material: aluminum alloy, braided wire
Other: support for laptop up to 100W (20V/5A)

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