Havit GK59 Gaming Microphone



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Havit GK59 microphone

Record in HD quality, thanks to the GK59. The Havit microphone is omnidirectional, meaning it picks up sound from all sides. It also reduces unnecessary vibrations, delivering high-quality audio. A USB cable allows you to connect the microphone to a compatible device. The product also has additional USB-C and 3.5mm jack ports.

Thoughtful design

Are you recording vlogs, your own music, or maybe live broadcasting? The Havit microphone will work well in these and similar situations. The GK69 is omnidirectional, so it accurately picks up sound from all sides, delivering high-quality sound. What’s more, the well-thought-out design eliminates unnecessary vibrations, and the capacitor makes your voice sound more natural.

Easy to use

Using the microphone is simple and convenient. Using the built-in knobs and buttons, you can adjust the volume, mute the GK59, etc. Besides, it’s equipped with USB-C and 3.5mm audio jack ports, and you can use a USB cable to connect it to a compatible device.


Manufacturer Havit
Model GK59
Color black
Dimensions 142 x 125 x 230 mm
Weight 509 g
Sensitivity ≥18 dB
Operating voltage 5V
Operating current 50-100 mA
Frequency response 50Hz – 16kHz
Material plastic+metal mesh
Directionality omnidirectional
Ports 3.5mm jack, USB-C
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