Earbuds wireless TWS JELLIE MONSTER Monster YLFS-06BT blue


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Bluetooth headphones with a cartoon monster theme. Perfect fit to any ears. Comes with a case with a docking function.

Designed for long time of using
They work up to 5 hours with a fully charged headset, up to 30 hours when using the charging case. Charging time is about 1 hour.

Comfort of use
The headphones fit any ears perfectly and do not fall out. They are perfect for running or cycling.
The built-in microphone allows you to talk.

Protection against damage
The portable case with a power bank not only protects the headphones from damage or loss, but also allows you to charge the headphones.

Material :ABS
Bluetooth 5.0
Power bank capacity: 650 Mah
Eaarphone capacity: 45MA
Speaker: 15mm
Distance: 10m
Working time: 5h
Charging time: 1h

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