Case SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S9+ Tech-Protect SC Pen + Keyboard black



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The functional SC Pen case from Tech-Protect will protect your device against damage and scratches. Compact, lightweight structure made of high-quality material and flexible TPU with a matte and pleasant finish.

Precisely made cutouts for the camera, ports or speakers ensure freedom of use and high functionality. The cover is equipped with a dedicated place for the stylus, allowing for safe use without the risk of losing it.
The fold-out case can be used as a stand, and thanks to the option of waking up and putting the device to sleep, it allows you to save the battery.
An additional advantage is the magnetic, wireless keyboard Bluetooth with a lifetime of 140 hours of continuous use.

* After connecting the device, use the appropriate key combination Fn + Q for iOS, Fn + W for Android, or FN + E for Windows.

– 100% Original
– Packed in original packaging
– Precisely made
– Perfect fit
– Has space for Apple Pencil
– Range up to 10m
– Bluetooth keyboard
– Battery life: 140h
– Easy to assemble and disassemble

1 x Tech-Protect SC Pen Case
1 x Black keyboard
1 x Micro-USB cable

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