Case Cooler 12cm Argus L-12025 Green


Διαθέσιμο. Αποστολή σε 1-3 εργάσιμες



Διαθέσιμο. Αποστολή σε 1-3 εργάσιμες

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Case Cooler 12cm Argus L-12025 Green

The smooth running 120mm Argus LED-fans offer a stylish spiral effect due to their 33 ultra bright LEDs and lusciously illuminates the interior of your case. Rubberized vibration absorbers at the corners ensure an operation free of vibration. The dampers on both sides of the fan let you to choose the fan mounting between blowing and drawing. Connection is made due to the 3pin connector on the mainboard or due to 4pin molex directly to the PSU. 33 ultra bright LEDs with spiral effect Vibration-free operating thanks to rubberized dampers Fluid-bearing Connection due to 3pin or 4pin Molex

Fan Dimension (H/W/D) 25 x 120 x 120mm
Fan Speed 1200U/min
Rated Voltage 12V
Power 3.9W
Air Flow 59.46cbm/h
Noise Level 20dBA
Connector 3pin or 4pin Molex
Dimension (h/w/d) 25 x 120 x 120mm
net 0.105kgs
gross 0.130kgs

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