Case APPLE AIRPODS PRO Tech-Protect X-Carbo Moro gray



Κωδικός προϊόντος: u-9490713928110 Κατηγορία

A durable case with Tech-Protect X-Carbo that will protect your device from scratches, scratches, dust and fingerprints. Made of high quality TPU.
The combination of a matte structure with a glossy carbon finish makes the X-Carbon look very modern.

The perfectly matched and functional cover allows quick access to the reset button and gives you the ability to charge the headphones without removing the case.

Equipped with a practical carabiner that increases the range of possibilities – the headphones can be attached to a lanyard with keys or belt loops in the pants, thanks to which it becomes impossible to fall or lose the set.

– 100% Original
– Packed in original packaging
– Perfect for protection against damage
– Easy to assemble and disassemble
– Practical and functional
– Perfect fit
– Precisely cut holes

1 x Tech-Protect X-Carbo

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