Bestsuit Flexible Hybrid Glass for SAM Galaxy A73 5G



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Flexible hybrid glass from Bestsuit with an ultra-thin design. Since the glass does not cover the entire screen, it is extremely easy to install even for the average user. Thanks to the modern formula, it adheres well to the screen, protecting it against scratches. High transparency ensures perfect image clarity.

The unique combination of 0.265mm toughened glass and PET film makes the glass virtually imperceptible and invisible – it provides 100% tactile value. The edges of the glass do not deteriorate and do not break – the glass is super-elastic (it can be bent even by 180 degrees!). The perfect adhesion (glue on the entire surface ) makes it under the foil no dust and dirt accumulate. High transparency ensures the comfort of using the screen and excellent clarity of the image. The oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints.

The set includes elements necessary for self-assembly. After application, the glass adheres perfectly to the screen, leaving no air bubbles. When removed, the glass leaves no traces on the screen.

The edges of the glass are rounded, which guarantees safe use.

Glass does not cover the edges (no frame).

Glue: on the entire surface
Screen coverage: Does not cover the edges
Material: Hybrid of tempered glass and PET film
Thickness: 0.265 mm
Appearance: Transparent on the entire surface (no colored frame)
Oleophobic coating: Yes
Super-elastic, imperceptible, excellent clarity of the image

In set:
– tempered glass
– wet cloth
– a dry cloth
– anti-dust stickers

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