Bestsuit Flex-Buffer Hybrid Glass 5D with antibacterial Biomaster coating for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max black



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Innovative Bestsuit hybrid tempered glass with Biomaster antibacterial coating. Effectively removes microorganisms and keeps the surface clean. Due to the presence of the polymer D30, which hardens on impact, it provides excellent protection of the device.

Biomaster is an antimicrobial substance that is added to material to provide effective and long-lasting protection against harmful bacteria and microbes. The antibacterial coating created in this way releases silver ions which, by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, provide effective protection against most microorganisms.

Bestsuit Biomaster glasses have a certificate confirming the effectiveness of the antibacterial coating – available for download on the product card.

The composition of the Biomaster Flex-Buffer glass includes the D30 material – a substance used in the production of pads and suits for athletes and soldiers. D30 is composed of freely moving molecules, which, during the standard use of glass, keep it flexible (the glass can be bent even by 180 degrees!). Upon impact, the molecules move closer together, hardening and protecting the device. The Flex-Buffer technology created in this way ensures comfortable use and protection in the event of a fall.

The glass fits perfectly with most cases. The edges of the glass are rounded, which guarantees safe use. Thanks to the flexibility, the edges of the glass do not deteriorate or break, extending its life. Full glueguarantees perfect adhesion. High transparency ensures perfect clarity of the image, and the oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints.

The glass comes with the elements necessary for self-assembly, including the adapter. After application, no air bubbles remain under the glass, and no dust and dirt accumulate. When removed, the glass leaves no traces on the screen.

Glue: On the entire surface
Screen coverage: covers the entire screen including the curvature of the display
Material: Hybrid of tempered glass and D30 polymer
Appearance: available with a black frame
Oleophobic coating: yes

Special properties: Biomaster antibacterial coating, Flex-Buffer technology for increased durability, super-flexible construction

In set:
– tempered glass
– wet cloth
– a dry cloth
– anti-dust stickers
– spatula smoothing the surface of the glass
– positioning adapter

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